What’s on My Desk: College Edition

I have two desks: one at home and one at school. At home I use my desk occasionally for work or blogging, but I tend to end up on the living room couch instead :)

At school, my desk sees a lot of use. I do quite a bit of homework at my desk, as well as sorority work (and now, blog work!). I like to make it as homey and perky as possible. Plus, it’s also used as an “all-purpose” table, for food, crafts, breaks, and anything in between.

I thought I would show you around my desk so you have an idea of where I’m working and what organization/set-up options have worked the best for me!

What's on My Desk: College Edition | Scribbling in the Margins blog

Let’s begin, shall we?

What's on My Desk: College Edition | Scribbling in the Margins blog

My built-in shelf holds a storage box, my makeup container, all thirty of my books, and my notebooks and folders held in a pretty magazine holder. It’s nice having a shelf on my desk. Everything’s within reach without cluttering my desktop (which, as you can see, I like to keep as clean as possible).

What's on My Desk: College Edition | Scribbling in the Margins blog

Say hello to my little friends… ;) These guys just hang out on top of my printer paper, cheering me on! The Mickey “12” was a graduation gift from my friend Nikki. The fox was a Christmas present from my mom and dad. The camel is a recent addition. My best friend Hattie went to Russia this semester, and kindly brought it back for me. It’s made from a mineral natural to the area where she worked. I think he’s rather cute- and also an excellent people-poking tool ;)

What's on My Desk: College Edition | Scribbling in the Margins blog

Now we move to the lower portion of our tour. There’s a little bit more excitement going on here. I have my letter sorter in the corner, my Ikea cork containers, a picture of my parents and me at my high school graduation, and my beloved pencil cup.

The bulletin board has pictures of my friends and family along with a couple decorative cards. I also have my dry-erase weekly calendar on the right. I love this thing. It helps me to remember every day where I need to be when. Since it sits right in front of me every morning, I’m less likely to forget something.

What's on My Desk: College Edition | Scribbling in the Margins blog

The Ikea containers just hold some jewelry, my watch, my headphones, and lip balm. This is a new addition this year. I wanted a place to store the random bits that sat around on my desk. I haven’t decided yet what to put in the bottom one, but I think my camera and blog notebook might end up in there. My letter sorter holds any incoming and outgoing mail and papers.

What's on My Desk: College Edition | Scribbling in the Margins blog

Finally, we move to the right of my desk. Sure, it’s pretty simple looking but I love my new wall calendar. It’s the perfect size to fit on my wall, and looks so dang cute. I’m almost sad I have to write the due dates for papers and tests on it… but at least the calendar itself will cheer me up while I look ahead to impending doom :)

So that’s it for the desk tour! What do you think?

How did you set up your desk for this semester? Do you like having more things within reach on your desktop? Or are you like me and prefer a clear surface?


Below the Line:

  • Move-in went smoothly Saturday. I dare say it was the easiest one yet. I have an idea now for what goes where and what I actually need for the space I have. Still, it’s been weird coming back. I was so used to life at home that it’s time for adjusting all over again. Good thing I’ve had three days to do it!
  • Tomorrow is my first day of classes. I’m nervous, in the “I know I’m going to have so much work to do and would rather keep sitting around” kind of way ;)
  • On that note, good luck to all of you who have already started classes or are about to!

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