A Love Letter to Letters

A Love Letter to Letters | Scribbling in the Margins blog

Here’s a little known fact about me:

I LOVE to write letters.

Thank you notes, life updates scribbling on pages of stationary, simple “thinking of you” sentiments–I love them all. There’s something about pen to paper, the etching of one element onto another, that’s incredibly personal and intimate to me. It takes time and thought to write a letter, time and thought that allows you to consider the person you’re writing to and what they mean to you–even if it’s as seemingly impersonal as a thank you for a job interview.

I also love stamps. The USPS offers countless types of stamps- American flags, farmers markets, birds, historical events, Harry Potter, famous people, nativity scenes- that show the personality of the person. They allow you to show who you are, what you like, in the tiniest of ways. Individuality the size of a postage stamp. “Forever,” they read. Because mail will never die away.

Arguably my favorite feature of a letter is the stationary. While I love a good Hallmark card, it’s the plain, everyday, set-of-10 stationary that captures my heart. My trip to Italy this past January was not complete until I visited a paper store. My favorite aisle in Target is the one lined with boxes of flowers, anchors, thanks yous, and stripes, all tantalizing me as I walk by. When I pull out a fresh card to send to a friend or family member, I gently run my fingers over the soft inside before I begin. The beauty in letter writing isn’t always in the words; it’s in the presentation.

A Love Letter to Letters | Scribbling in the Margins blog

Pens (never pencils) are important to a good letter experience; yet the element I neglect the most. In my brief moment of free time when I can etch out a note, the closest pen is typically the one chosen. Yet two years ago, when I sat down with my box of 50 thank you cards and a list of graduation presents, it was my fountain pen I chose. The elegant, ink flowing pen stoked each card with gratitude and cursive. An experience; not a chore.

They say the post office is losing money. They say the art of letter writing is dying. They say our world needs immediate gratification, and letters just won’t cut it. Yet I check my college mailbox every day, hoping for a note. Ready to respond with a crisp blue card of my own. Because the thoughts that take time to come are often the thoughts worth saying.


Below the Line:

  • I had an AMAZING fall break at Disney World with my family. We had so much fun riding Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and exploring the parks. A great place to spend time with my dear family.
  • On that note…three weeks until Thanksgiving Break!
  • Indiana had its first snow this past Friday. I can’t believe we’re at that point in the year when snow enters the weather forecasts. I can’t say I’m excited, but there’s nothing like white snow in December (about the only month I appreciate it).

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