The Quarterly Update

The Quarterly Review | Scribbling in the Margins blogBack in January, I wrote down my five goals for 2015. I thought today I would revisit how I’m doing so far on those goals and what I need to do to keep moving:

  1. Prepare for a job in 2016. I’ve made progress in this, simply by realizing I don’t have to have a job after college. I could do a long-term paid internship, volunteer for a year, work at Disney. I like the idea of not jumping straight into a job after college, but there’s still research that needs to be done.
  2. Read 50 books. Not doing so great on this one. I’ve only read 9 books out of the 13 I should be at. I know I’ll catch up some over the summer, but I need to pick up the pace. Part of it is my lack of interest in books for some reason, but that’s a discussion for another post.
  3. Waste less time on the Internet. Cough cough… I’m failing at this. I’ve got to get better. Any tips?
  4. Consistently post on the blog. LOL we all know how this is going. Again, I haven’t been reading much and therefore don’t know what to say a lot of the time. I’m in a slump kids, a slump so bad that when I sat down to write about it a couple of days ago I couldn’t think of anything good to say.
  5. Run 5 miles. I’ve been making progress on this goal. I’m up to 2.5 miles right now. I was really excited, because I thought my goal was a 5K, not 5 miles. But if I can make it to a smooth 5K by the end of the summer, I think I can be near if not at 5 miles by December. We’ll see!

So, two out of five are going well. That’s something! I really need to get on my reading game; hopefully the other two will follow after that :)

How are your New Years resolutions coming along? Any advice for me?


Below the Line:

  • If you want to keep up with my writings elsewhere on the Internet, check out my professional Twitter @lesausser. I tweet every time something I write shows up somewhere on the web!
  • Less than four weeks of school left. Terrifying, exciting, and incredibly sad. All at the same time.

Soooo what do you think?

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