The Writer

Oh hey there!

Hello everyone! I’m Leeann, the mastermind behind Scribbling in the Margins. While OF COURSE you are here to read every post I’ve ever written, I’m sure you also want to know a little about who is this blog-writing genius.

Leeann just being LeeannHappy to oblige.

I’m a 20-year-old junior at a liberal arts college in the middle of Midwestern cornfields (that also go by Indiana). I’m an English Writing major and History minor, English Writing because I LOVE to write and History because analyzing and understanding the past is so important to understanding today (okay, okay- and I just think it’s a ton of fun).

Besides reading and writing (obviously :)) I also like writing letters and notes (snail mail > email), watching YouTube, eating popcorn, reading other blogs, hula-hooping, anything Disney, beauty-related things, hanging with my family, and visiting new places (for short periods of time ;)).

While I have been blogging for my family and friends since I started college, this is my first “public” blog. So come on in, stay a while, and learn about the crazy things rolling in my head!

Soooo what do you think?

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