Christmas Travels | The TENTH Day of Blogmas!

On the tenth day of Blogmas, Leeann’s blog gave to me… a Christmas travel story

Christmas Travels | Scribbling in the Margins blog

Some years we stay at home for Christmas and some years we travel to my grandparents’ in West Virginia. Traveling at a time of year where snow is always possible and crowded highways inevitable always brings adventures. We’ve had our fair share of traffic jams and snowy slow-downs.

But it was Christmas of 2011 when my family found ourselves in a hotel room come Christmas morning. Hotel stays typically happened well in advance of the holiday. We would be dreaming of sugar plums in a white farmhouse while Santa comes to visit instead of resting in rough hotel sheets without a fireplace in sight.

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On Location | The Happiest Place on Earth

On Location | Happiest Place on Earth“The symbol of the Magic Kingdom, the symbol of Disney World itself, Cinderella’s Castle is my favorite part of the park. My first peek was set under a rainbow sunset, melting a silky blue sky to orange watercolors folding towards the west. The light invited me inside, to a plaque placed at the entrance to the park  inviting all who entered to ‘leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.’ I was more than willing to accept the invitation.”

Traveling Woes

I was going to write about my grandparent’s farm. It’s a beautiful, beautiful place that I love very dearly. I wanted to share it with all of you as I do, in word and picture.

But I want to spend time on that, since it is so important to me. And time is not something I exactly have, because of this:

Traveling WoesYup. Those are boarding passes. And no, I didn’t collect them. They are all from Sunday, in my attempt to get to San Jose with my boss for a conference. I say “attempt” because it took this many boarding passes (only two used) and a car to get to our destination.

Delayed, missed flight, delayed, cancelled, five-hour drive. I wasn’t reunited with my bag until this afternoon, much to my chagrin. There was much rejoicing in the kingdom when we were reunited.

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Traveling to the Twin Cities

Welcome to Minnesota!

That’s right folks! Greetings from Minnesota, one week later :) The first week of July my family and I traveled up to Minneapolis to visit family. While we were there, we got to see some amazing sites, such as the Minnesota History Center, Fort Snelling, the Minnehaha and Saint Anthony Falls, the Walker Art Center’s outdoor areas and the great neighborhood around my relative’s home. Fun was had by all! I toted along my road trip bag for the 10 hour car ride and got ready for  great vacation in the northern Midwest.

Now get ready for a lot of pictures!

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When Airports Get You Down…

…bring a book!


My view from a Starbucks in DC

I recently found myself getting some personal time with gray walls and runways at my local airport, due to an unfortunate series of cancellations. And as I waited, watching my flight get delayed, then delayed again, then ultimately canceled, I finally had some chance to get some quality reading done. While I wasn’t flying into DC, I at least had 1940s South Africa and a family’s demise in front of my eyes.

It’s harder than I would like to admit, to find time to read. But last Wednesday night, and then on the plane Thursday and Friday, I had nothing to do but pour over that book, and finally, finally, get to read. I shot through the first two sections and made good progress on the third.

It’s easy to forget how great reading can be. While I was frustrated and tired, I could just escape into a book, where my problems seemed trivial, and worry about characters whose lives had become very important to me. They took me away from the black vinyl chair I was sprawled in, from the gray walls and shut-down shops, and let me pretend that it wasn’t an airport I was trapped in, but Johannesburg.

Books let you do that. They take you away from your problems, your issues, and give you someone else’s (someone whose problems are almost always way worse than yours) and let you see how they deal with them. If the author is a great one, then you might even learn a thing or two about yourself and your own problems along the way.

I did, fortunately, get to spend a day in DC. And even though the time around that one day was spent waiting (and waiting, and waiting), I was also spending time with my book, in the world of paper and ink.

And that, ladies and gents, is not such a bad place to be.


A Writer’s Road Trip Bag Essentials

The Bag

The bag that holds it all, posing prettily.

I’m doing quite a bit of traveling this summer and recently came back from a nine-hour road trip to my grandparents’ farm. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve brought less and less stuff with me for the ride since a good book and portable DVD player are about all I need. So last week I shoved any and all entertainment into my Lands’ End tote and set off for my first adventure!

But of course, I wanted to share with you all what a book lover/amateur writer/college student (I wear many hats) brings on car trips, so that for the entire trip, you too can be entertained! (As long as you’re not driving. Oh goodness, please not when you’re driving.)

Here’s what my bag of goodies entailed:

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