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5 thoughts on “Let’s Chat!

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    • Hi Soph! Thanks so much for stopping by. My blog is fairly new too, and I’ve been learning a lot in the past two months. There are a couple of blogs that have been really helpful to me so far. Sally’s Baking Addiction, while a food blog, has a lot of good general tips in her blog series (http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/category/blogging-how-tos/). Also, Jeff Goins offers a lot of advice on blogging. I suggest his post here: http://goinswriter.com/blogging-tips/.

      I haven’t yet found a book blog with advice (maybe once I feel like I know enough, I’ll write one!) but these two have given me a lot of help. Personally, I would say just start writing posts you want to write. A book review is a great first post, or a list of books on your “to read” list. Play around with what types of posts you like and a good schedule for your blog, then go from there. Let me know when your first post is up, I’d love to check it out!


      • Thank you soooo much for those great resources. I will absorb as much information as possible to become a better blogger. As for you to see my first post I actually have quite a few up, so you’re welcome to read!
        Thanks again,
        Soph xo


        • Silly WordPress kept sending me to the wrong site, I think! But now I can see all your posts. I like how you keep things brief (that’s a problem I have, I can never seem to write short posts :)). I also like how you’re writing about more than just book reviews! I always find blogs that go beyond reviews more interesting.

          One thing I would suggest is adding some photos. I’m not a huge photographer myself, but I’ve just found having photos makes readers more likely to click on a post and want to learn more. They also help break up the text. You don’t need anything fancy, just a quick snap with a point-and-shoot or your phone is fine.

          Good luck!


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