On Location | Indiana State Library

On Location | Indiana State Library

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been researching and editing a history paper about Indiana Quakers and slavery I wrote last semester for an upcoming competition. My research led me to the Indiana State Library last Thursday, where I sat down with a letter from Levi Coffin and every Indiana Yearly Meeting Minutes record I could ever want. For three and a half hours I sat in a hard-backed wooden chair and poured over those minutes, thinking about the people who created them 180 years ago. A man across the aisle from me looked at several large maps intently, and stacks of other documents waited in the wings inside climate controlled rooms and drawers.

It’s a beautiful thing, hundreds of documents waiting to be read by some twenty-first century person who prefers paper to pixels.

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On Location | The Happiest Place on Earth

On Location | Happiest Place on Earth“The symbol of the Magic Kingdom, the symbol of Disney World itself, Cinderella’s Castle is my favorite part of the park. My first peek was set under a rainbow sunset, melting a silky blue sky to orange watercolors folding towards the west. The light invited me inside, to a plaque placed at the entrance to the park ┬áinviting all who entered to ‘leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.’ I was more than willing to accept the invitation.”