A Beautiful Book

Hi, I’m Leeann, and I judge books by their covers.

A lot.

It drives my friend Danielle crazy, but I decide if I want to read a book based off the front cover (and occasionally the back cover). Headless girl on the front? I’m probably not going to read it. Dripping blood? Pass.

It works the other way, too. Like when Jordan showed me her new books from Puffin in Bloom, I fell in love. Bright script, flower borders and accents, illustrated interpretations of the characters–I couldn’t say no.A Beautiful Book | Scribbling in the Margins blog

Anna Rifle Bond of Rifle Paper Company designed these covers for Puffin, and she did an amazing job (obviously- just look at that lettering! #stationarynerd #iusehashtagsoutofcontext). When I went to select from the four titles currently available, my eye was drawn to the bright blue cover of Anne of Green GablesThe last time I read this book I was a little girl myself, so it seemed like the perfect choice in a series about growing up. In my Amazon cart it went and two days later, it was love.

What beautiful books do you love?


Below the Line

  • Homework. It’s a thing. So it goes.
  • I wrote my first creative non-fiction essay this week. There are parts of it I know still need work, but there’s one scene I’m really proud of. It’s a Christmas scene, so I turned on my Christmas iTunes playlist and pounded the keys. It left me with an amazing feeling. It’s nice to remember why you love something once in a while :)
  • Also, really psyched for my history presentation Tuesday. Another project I know I’m going to enjoy working on.
  • Calling all book lovers! What are your favorite books of all time and what is your favorite snack/drink to have with it? Leave a comment below, or send me a message from the “Let’s Chat” tab. It’s for prosperity (of this blog ;)).