Thoughts on Procrastination

Procrastination1…I’ll get to them later.

Just kidding! ;)

I just finished reading The Art of Procrastinationa tiny little book about one philosopher’s experience with “structured procrastination,” or putting off big tasks in favor of completing small (and frequently insignificant) ones. John Perry, a philosophy professor at Stanford, wittily puts fellow procrastinators to ease about the habit. He also offers tips, such as “horizontal organization” or teaming up with non-procrastinators for projects.

The book is only 92 pages long and Perry’s writing style makes the reading go quickly. Although, I have to admit, I set time aside to read this instead of using it to procrastinate.

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Real Books Rule, and Kindles Drool

Yeah. I really just said that. And I’m sure you’re thinking, “what is she, 10?” And while a lot of people think I am, indeed, 17 (I’m not), I am ready to defend this post’s title. And by the end of this post, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be with me.

Books Rule, Kindles Drool

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On Location | Landmark for Peace Memorial

Landmark2If I was a poet, this is the place where you’d see a lovely lyric about the meaning of the Landmark for Peace, what it was like to be there and maybe even a flashback to Robert Kennedy’s speech.

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The Best Book I’ve Ever Read


“You like to read? So what’s your favorite book?”

I went a long time constantly answering that question with “well, right now it’s insert book I just read here.” I didn’t really have a favorite book of all time. Every time I read something wonderful, it became “my favorite book.” I typically will only read a book when I’m pretty sure it’s actually going to be good (or if it was assigned to me for class). It’s rare I read a book all the way through that I really didn’t like.

Insert recruitment. That changed everything for me. It only took one person to say “I love reading too! What’s your favorite book?” to make me panic. I have to prepare myself for small talk. I have to be ready with answers, and for this question I simply didn’t have one. Rambling ensued.

Until I remembered that I did.

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Symphony in the Park

When my mom said that the symphony was coming to the park by our house, I didn’t expect we’d go. It comes every summer, and we normally just stick our heads out of the back door and have a listen for a few minutes before coming back inside to our chores and screens.

This time, however, my mom and I found ourselves inching from the front porch, to the driveway, to the backyard, and finally to the park itself. Lured by the very music itself.

Symphony1There’s nothing quite like orchestral performances. As an ex-oboist, I always find it crazy how all these different instruments playing different things could come together and create something beautiful. Funny how sound works like that.

Next year, I will without a doubt be parked in a folding chair in the park, waiting for the symphony to begin before the show has started. Because getting to hear music like that (live and in person) is what summer’s really about.

(Enjoy the performance of a song from my favorite musical, The Music Man!)


Traveling to the Twin Cities

Welcome to Minnesota!

That’s right folks! Greetings from Minnesota, one week later :) The first week of July my family and I traveled up to Minneapolis to visit family. While we were there, we got to see some amazing sites, such as the Minnesota History Center, Fort Snelling, the Minnehaha and Saint Anthony Falls, the Walker Art Center’s outdoor areas and the great neighborhood around my relative’s home. Fun was had by all! I toted along my road trip bag for the 10 hour car ride and got ready for  great vacation in the northern Midwest.

Now get ready for a lot of pictures!

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