Christmas Travels | The TENTH Day of Blogmas!

On the tenth day of Blogmas, Leeann’s blog gave to me… a Christmas travel story

Christmas Travels | Scribbling in the Margins blog

Some years we stay at home for Christmas and some years we travel to my grandparents’ in West Virginia. Traveling at a time of year where snow is always possible and crowded highways inevitable always brings adventures. We’ve had our fair share of traffic jams and snowy slow-downs.

But it was Christmas of 2011 when my family found ourselves in a hotel room come Christmas morning. Hotel stays typically happened well in advance of the holiday. We would be dreaming of sugar plums in a white farmhouse while Santa comes to visit instead of resting in rough hotel sheets without a fireplace in sight.

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Hillbrook Farm | The FOURTH Day of Blogmas!

Hillbrook Farm | FOURTH Day of Blogmas! | Scribbling in the Margins blog

Even though we were just in the farmhouse parlor, the room felt the same as all the Christmas Eve services before it. Grandma’s vintage tree flushed behind me with its faux-candle lights encircling the branches, casting a shadow of light around our circle. Specks of birthday candle light flickered from person to person. Even the farm participated in our circle, glowing from the reflection of the moonlight on the snow. Dainty icicles like thin drips of candle wax skimmed the bushes and bare tree branches.

A thin skin of slush glazed Turner Road running by outside. Not nearly as treacherous as forecasted, but not likely to be cleared until a dedicated man with a tractor got out to plow. I had to smile, thinking about the powdering of snow that kept us at the farm for Christmas Eve. I couldn’t help but thank it.


On the fourth day of Blogmas, Leeann’s blog gave to me:

memories filled with snow, one blog tag, the best study tipsand 10 Christmas songs to sing!

‘Bout This Blogger Tag | The THIRD Day of Blogmas!

On the third day of Blogmas, Leeann’s blog gave to me: one blog tag!

Happy third day of Blogmas! I hope you enjoyed the first two :) Today I’m answering the ‘Bout this Blogger Tag from the blog Paper Fury. Enjoy!

Bout This Blogger Tag | Scribbling in the Margins

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A Love Letter to Letters

A Love Letter to Letters | Scribbling in the Margins blog

Here’s a little known fact about me:

I LOVE to write letters.

Thank you notes, life updates scribbling on pages of stationary, simple “thinking of you” sentiments–I love them all. There’s something about pen to paper, the etching of one element onto another, that’s incredibly personal and intimate to me. It takes time and thought to write a letter, time and thought that allows you to consider the person you’re writing to and what they mean to you–even if it’s as seemingly impersonal as a thank you for a job interview.

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On Location | Landmark for Peace Memorial

Landmark2If I was a poet, this is the place where you’d see a lovely lyric about the meaning of the Landmark for Peace, what it was like to be there and maybe even a flashback to Robert Kennedy’s speech.

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